Rock Your Soul

Kiss ‘R Ass

Words & Music by Alba Céspedes

“Hell is empty, all the devils are here” (Shakespeare, The Tempest)

Incompetent governments
Apes voted for presidents
Kiss ‘R Ass!
Canned music, art like trash
Sell yourself for some cash
Kiss ‘R Ass!


Envy is the great human disease
Hypocrites, stop talking bullshit
Selfishness, there is no need for greed
Injustice, where is your empathy?

Too much felling, poachers killing
The nonstop crap spilling
Kiss ‘R Ass!
Brainwashin’ doctrines so absurd
Total nerds leading the herd
Kiss ‘R Ass!


Kiss ‘R Ass!
Kiss ‘R Ass!
Kiss ‘R Ass!

Bullies at schools, mistreaters at home
Enslavers at work, the whole crime scum
Kiss ‘R Ass!
Warlords using kids like pawns
Jackmate when the bombs are on
Kiss ‘R Ass!



Inject The Venom

Words & Music by Alba Céspedes

I fly high
You walk low
I won’t cry
If you die or go

I don’t mind
If you lose
I was blind
To be kind to you

You won’t use me like you did before
I don’t care about you no more, no more
You won’t hurt me like you did before
I don’t care about you no more, no more
I don’t care if you want to
I don’t care if you want to

Inject the venom in my blood
Inject the venom in my blood
Inject the venom in my blood
Inject the venom in my

Betray me
If you dare
Better flee
If you see I’m there

I foretell
Your every move
‘Rot in hell’
My farewell to you

You want everyone to think just like you
Can’t stand anyone who’s better, better
You need everyone to stink just like you
Can’t stand anyone who’s better, better
Mind yourself if you try to
You’d better beware if you try to


You drown deep
Start to plead
I watch you creep
Under my feet
Suddenly your life doesn’t seem so complete
Mind yourself if you try to
You’d better beware if you try to


Hold On To Life

Words & Music by Alba Céspedes

Yes sometimes the sky might fall upon you
Life’s sometimes a wall you can’t go through
Your whole world can turn upside down
Seconds make the difference
Find yourself with no way out
Overcome by impotence
You’re allowed to bite the dust
To get up after, is a must
Stay calm, grip life right in your palm

Baby hold on to life, just take another breath
Baby hold on to life, another day on earth
Baby hold on to life, when you’re down in hell
Baby hold on to life, I’ll be there to help
Baby hold on to life, stand against the flames
Baby hold on to life, never lose the reins

It’s never been black or white, it’s gray
It’s not about the goal, you’ve got to enjoy the way
In a life and death frontier
Pain is the toll you have to pay
Fight it like you were a soldier
Don’t lose hope and give away
I know I won’t live forever
All we have is here and now
Hold on to what you care somehow


Enjoy the everyday little things
True happiness lies in them
Treasure the moment you spend
Never forget that, my friend



Words & Music by Alba Céspedes

Once again it is summertime night
When the heat goes up and the sun falls down
Party starts, everything’s alright
Everyone is coming to town

Music fills the air, people start to dance
My heart skips a beat when our eyes meet
I didn’t believe in love at first glance
You put a spell on me

All the memories come back to me
When it all seemed left to the past
I thought my heart was covered of steel
But you melt it down so fast


My mind keeps telling me no, no, no
And my heart says go, go, go
What can I do if anytime
That I look in your eyes
I feel pure contradiction inside?

Since you burst again into my life
I don’t know what to do, yeah maybe I’m a fool
I hang on the edge of the knife
You’re my favorite drug, I’m addicted to you

I’m willing to give it a second chance
You’re the sweetest mistake I can make
Things have changed, it’s not the same
I put my love at stake


Long Distance Love

Words & Music by Alba Céspedes

I feel lonely tonight
I said I feel lonely tonight
Why can’t I have you here by my side?
Why can’t I have you by my side?


When your love is miles apart
It seems like having half a heart
Do you really want to know what it’s like?

[CHORUS] Long distance love
So good to share
Long distance love
So hard to bear

I’ll come to you by train
I’ll come to you by plane
Adrenaline is rushing through my veins
Yes I’m coming to you again

(Pre-Chorus) x2


I miss your kiss like deserts miss the rain
I need your smile like my lungs need the air
I love you when you’re gone despite the pain
I know sometimes is tough and we despair
Whoah, you can’t let it go
Whoah no, no, no!



Al Final Del Túnel

Letra & Música por Alba Céspedes

¿Sabías que la vida es lo que pasa cada día
mientras haces otros planes?
Siempre con un objetivo que nos desafía
A seguir hacia adelante

Amor, trabajo, algo por lo que vivir
No importa lo que quieras conseguir
El camino para lograrlo es largo
Pero hay que intentarlo, no debes dudarlo

[ESTRIBILLO] ¡Despierta ya!
No te rindas jamás
Lo conseguirás
Al final del túnel
¿No ves la luz brillar
donde había oscuridad?
Lo conseguirás
Al final del túnel

Llegar es difícil, nadie dijo lo contrario
Caerás una y otra vez
Tras morder el polvo, levantarte es necesario
Nunca dejes de creer

A cada paso tu camino se hace llano
Y los baches más pequeños
Ya no hay miedo, está al alcance de tu mano
Nunca cejes en tu empeño


Entra en las tinieblas, para encontrar tu propia luz
Del mismo infierno, hay maneras de escapar
Baja a la batalla, esta vez puedes vencer tú
Adéntrate y verás cómo tras la noche, el sol brilla más

De tu destino eres el dueño
No está escrito para nadie
El miedo es el ladrón de sueños
No dejes que el tiempo escape
No dejes que el tiempo, no dejes que el tiempo,
No dejes que el tiempo escape, no dejes que el tiempo…

Again and Again

Words & Music by Alba Céspedes

This was meant to be
A beautiful love story
But the problem is
You’re too hard to please

Slave of your changing mood
You want me all for you
All my life, all my time
My soul, heart and mind

When you come to me crying
I feel so sick and tired babe
It’s the same old argument
That is driving us to the end

Now you’re gonna listen
Don’t make me choose
Between my dreams and you
Cause you will lose
Again and again and again

Cause I am growing wiser
And I am getting stronger
And I am feeling prouder
So I am fighting harder

I won’t fall in your trap (Again and again)
I won’t do what you want (Again and again)
I won’t drown in my tears (Again and again)
I will stand on my feet (Again and again)

I won’t swallow my pride (Again and again)
Doc’ you show Mr. Hyde (Again and again)
I gave you my all (Again and again)
That wasn’t enough, that wasn’t enough! NO!

Your fucking jealousy
Your own worst enemy
You’re nothing but a child
It’s late to apologize

If you shoot me an arrow
Don’t try to heal the pain
Cause you must know now
My wounds can’t mend
Again and again

Well I can tell this is the end baby….

Black Roundabout

Words & Music by Alba Céspedes & Rafael Zambrano

It’s getting late
Too much alcohol running through my veins
Something sparks
Something I hate
Inside I’m burning but I see no flames

I don’t know
What I’ve done
I’m acting funny, don’t matter right or wrong
Street lights glow
My senses gone
I thought I could deal with it but I’m not that strong

I`m feeling sick, riding close to the ground
My head is spinning around and around
There’s no doubt, I can’t get out
Of this black roundabout

I’m the star of this fair
But I can’t hear my voice
In the crowd there’s no air
When music turns to noise

I’m the clown of this show
This is my masquerade
Now my brain runs slow
Let me stand in the shade


I can’t get away of this bad dream
I want this to end
I won’t pretend that I’m liking it
Take me back to reality
My mood keeps changing
And I keep saying more more more
My mood keeps changing
And I keep saying more stupid things


Just The King

Words & Music by Alba Céspedes

You were born in Tupelo, your twin din’t survive
From that day on, never let you outta sight
Grew up overprotected, beein’ so shy
That’s why your fellows teased you all the time
Moved up to Tennesee when you were only a teen
There became a man with negro sound and feel

Lived in the poorest guetto of the town,
Attending a church with the gospel sound
Later you were billed as the Hillbilly cat
Wearin’ rock haircut and movin’ your butt
Excited the crowd, they stuck on you
A workin’ class hero corrupting youth

So you were
So you are
So you will be
Just the King
Just the King

You were a blessing no matter what they said
They called you devil and warned you: Beware!
You ain’t no saint, you’re just the king
A king without castle, a king without queen
Nor black or white, no crown or knights
Just the king of rock all over the world


Snap your fingers,
Sway back and forth
Tap your feet,
This is rock’n’roll….

Un Día Perfecto

Letra & Música por Alba Céspedes

Las diez y cuarto en el reloj
No ha sonado el despertador
Salgo de casa como un huracán
El ascensor roto, seis pisos por bajar

El tren se va mientras llego al andén
Hoy no es mi día, nada sale bien
Llego tarde al curro una vez más
Me echan a la calle por impuntualidad

El cielo y la tierra
Se han puesto en mi contra
Todo son problemas
Voy a volverme loca

Hoy es un día perfecto
Un día perfecto
Hoy todo sale al revés
Hoy es un día ferpecto
De los que hay cientos
Al menos veinte al mes

Llego a casa y la llave no abre
Tengo un mensaje y hierve mi sangre
Es mi chico que me dice “Adiós,
Lo siento nena nuestra llama se apagó”

Por la tarde tengo que estudiar
Yendo a clase empieza a diluviar
Un ladrón me asalta en una esquina
“Guapa dame todo lo que lleves encima”

Parece que es la guerra
Murphy no me da tregua
Vago cual alma en pena
Voy de mierda en mierda


Breathing U (Bonus Track)

Words & Music by Alba Céspedes

I’ve been breathing you
I’ve been missing you
I’ve been holding you, loving you
Deep in my dreams
You’ve got to know

I’ve been needing you
I’ve been wanting you
From the moment we met
You’re in my head
You’ve got to know


I keep falling all the way
Trying to let you go away
But you’re deep inside me
My heart is no longer free

I don’t need to look further for paradise
Cause that’s what I see when I look in your eyes
Falling for you was a surprise
Broke my defense like fire melts ice
I’ve been breathing you
I’ve been breathing you
I’ve been breathing you
Breathing you

Can’t you hear it babe?
Can’t you feel it babe?
I’m alive when you’re close
My heart overworks
You’ve got to know

Truth I cannot hide
Better say it loud
Maybe this can’t work out
But I’d rather find out
You’ve got to know